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Our Top 5 Scully's Products


Scully's New Zealand made products are just divine.

1. Foot and Leg Cream

You can use this cream before and after Sport, Gardening and general Hard work.it easily absorbs to help sooth sore feet and leg muscles while also deodorizing with its fresh peppermint scent.

2. Lavender Sachets

You may be thinking this is something your grandma would do and yes it is, so you know its 'tried and true". The Benefits of keeping lavender sachets in your draws not only keeps them smelling good but also keeps those nasty moths away from eating your woollen clothes.

3.Gardeners Hand Cream

Scully's states on the packaging "Helps soften and nourish dry skin. Use before and after gardening  and outdoor pursuits" Your outdoor pursuit maybe drinking wine in the sun or chasing toy boys. Whatever you pursue soft healthy hands are a must. Always have Scully's Gardeners Hand Cream at the ready.

4.Lemon & Lavender Soap

Who would have thought Lemons would be essential for another reason in your kitchen other than G&T's. Lemon and Lavender Soap is long lasting and has the ability to clean the grotty ickys on your hands from everyday life without stripping your hands of its natural oils

5. Furniture Wax

Everyone is experiencing the big craze of Chalk Paint furniture at the moment (if not get with program honey) and we all have inherited some sort of antique furniture that needs a bit more TLC than others. With a hint of Lavender in the natural New Zealand beeswax Scully's Furniture Polish brightens and protects but also scents.

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7 Things to Make Christmas Awesome

7 Things to Make Christmas Awesome

With Christmas so tantalisingly close, and the long hot summer days ahead, it's only natural to be excited for the awesomeness to come. Here are our picks for things to make Christmas even more awesome...

7. Poo Pourri - with all the extra food, guests and Uncle Franks digestive troubles this Christmas, its a good idea to nip bathroom problems in the bud before they get started. Poo Pourri makes an awesome gift, stocking stuffer or just a handy odor preventer as the family gathers for the silly season. It was big last Christmas and is likely to bigger this time around.

6. DIY Christmas Decor - we love to sell home decor and especially awesome Christmas trinkets, but we're also a fan of the DIY. There are plenty of awesome ideas for this around on the likes of Pinterest and Youtube, the link above is to a Youtube video from Kristi-Anne Beil with a great how to on crafting Christmas decorations.

5. Santas - there's nothing more magical at Christmas than the jolly fat man himself. Santa ornaments are highly collectible and it is very cool to see the twists on this tradition each year. Like this Rustic Wool Beard Santa, or the more traditional Grey Jersey Santa, they're a hit with just as many adults as kids! 

Rustic Wool Beard Santa


4. WWWD? What will WestJet do? - If you haven't seen the videos from this Canadian airlines Christmas stunts, they are well worth a watch to put you in the giving is better than receiving mood. For Christmas 2013 they chose a flight and had their passengers tell Santa what they wanted for Christmas via a Video booth, so that when they landed the luggage carousel was filled with the gifts they had wished for. Last year, they did a similar thing for a slightly more needy community in the Dominican Republic. Last years video is below, but what will they come up with this year with the countdown in full swing? 

3. The thrill of the last minute Christmas shop - or the chill of the "I got all my gifts ages ago". Whatever your holiday shopping style, we are here to help. We can deliver your goods with complimentary gift wrapping anytime you are ready to do your shopping, though it is probably best to order by the 21st of December to avoid disappointment. Check out our delivery details, including our $75 free shipping deal here.

2. Giant Christmas Stockings - it's a well known rule, the bigger the stocking, the more gifts it takes to stuff that sucker. There's also the very funky Santa sack, a great way to build the excitement for the kids, or yourself on Christmas Eve.Giant Christmas Stocking from Tizzy Home and Giftware

1. Outstanding Gift Wrap - if you are the type that loves to wrap gifts yourself, you know that a stand out gift wrap is nearly as important as what is inside. My personal favourite is the Vintage Wrap pack (pictured below) but because I'm a terrible wrapper, I'll probably go for the Vintage Parcel Pack. You can see all of the glorious Christmas wrapping goodness here.

Vintage Christmas Wrap Pack from Tizzy Home and Giftware

And there you have it, seven more things to make Christmas even awesomer. We wish you a safe and happy holiday shopping season, and most importantly a relaxing few days before Christmas, knowing your gifting is under control and set to impress.

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Turn a Tea Towel Into a Unique Artwork

We've recently been getting pretty crafty here at Tizzy Home and Giftware! One of our customers sent us in a photo of a unique way she had used one of our tea towels, and we thought we would give it a try too. We Turned our "Life and Lemons" Tea towel into a one of a kind canvas for the wall! Making decorations at home can be easy, this just took afew steps, and the best bit is, no one else will have a piece just the same in their house! Unique, one of a kind, easy to make! In this post I'll show you the transition and steps it took to turn a boring just a tea towel and an old canvas into something cool!


What you'll need:

  • An old canvas - an old piece of art that isn't being used is a good idea, you just need to make sure that the canvas is smaller than your tea towel and fits the design on nicely.
  • Something to remove the staples on the old canvas, we used a screwdriver to loosen them and a pair of pliers to pull them out
  • Staple gun - for sticking the tea towel in place
  • A tea towel with an awesome design on it!

Step One:

We've got an old piece of art that we no longer like! You could buy a cheap plain canvas if you wanted, but this was lying around being unnappreciated so we decided to give it a new lease of life

Step 2: Were going to use our tools and remove the staples holding the canvas to the wooden frame beneath it. There will be quite a few around the edges, this is probably the most time consuming part. If you've bought a brand new blank canvas you could just leave the canvas attached and place the tea towel on top.

Step 3: Now your canvas should look like this:

You want to get your tea towel now and spread it over your canvas frame.

Make sure to leave a good overhang on the tea towel as you want to be able to staple the edges of the tea towel to the back of the canvas frame ( so that when the tea towel art is hanging on the wall the staples cant be seen)

We stapled gunned the top of the tea towel to the canvas frame first, then the bottom, and then I had help to stretch the sides of the tea towel as far as possible over the canvas frame to make sure the tea towel was tightly in place before we stapled it on. The tighter the tea towel is on the canvas frame, the better it looks when hanging.

We pulled the tea towel over the canvas and stapled the edges to the back so that the staples aren't visible when hanging, and stapled all the way around the edges. We left the very corners till last and gave them a nice fold (you could cut a slit in the corners of the tea towel for a better fit if you wanted).


And this is the finished product:

Check out our awesome Tea Towels we have in stock, and make yourself a unique piece of art!



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Indoors Out Country Photoshoot

The concept for this photo shoot was simple: explore how the beauty of the outdoors can inspire the style for New Zealand interiors. The home decor items in this shoot vary widely, but none are out of place in this wonderful country backdrop, just as all of them can complement your interior spaces and help you bring the outdoors in. The setting is in wonderful Raurimu, a stone's throw away from the mountains and adventure of Mt Ruapehu and the Tongariro National Park, and just down the road from us here in Taumarunui.

So take a fresh look and see for yourself just how country, vintage and rustic you'd like your spaces to be. 

(Wonderful photography by our very own Cherise)


"Don't Let Yesterday" Iron Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/dont-let-yesterday-iron-plaque

Gold Ear Porcelain Rabbit http://tizzy.co.nz/products/gold-ear-porcelain-rabbit


Iron Hourglass http://tizzy.co.nz/products/iron-hourglass

Kensington Station Roman Numerals Clock http://tizzy.co.nz/products/kensington-station-roman-numerals-clock


Paris Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/paris-iron-pail

56 Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/56-iron-pail

24 Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/24-iron-pail


"Hard Work" Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/hardwork-plaque


Cincinatti Designer Metal Rooster http://tizzy.co.nz/products/cincinatti-designer-rooster

Fluer De Lis Rooster http://tizzy.co.nz/products/fleur-de-lis-rooster


Fishermans Basket http://tizzy.co.nz/products/fishermans-basket

Collezione Alpaca and Fine Merino Throw http://tizzy.co.nz/products/alpaca-and-fine-merino-throw

Belt Leather Carry Strap http://tizzy.co.nz/products/belt-leather-carry-strap

Willow Picnic Basket http://tizzy.co.nz/products/willow-picnic-basket-with-cooler-liner


"Love You To The Moon" Iron Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/love-you-to-the-moon-iron-plaque


Rooster Tea Towel http://tizzy.co.nz/products/rooster-tea-towel


Kerridge Cow Tea Towel http://tizzy.co.nz/products/cow-tea-towel


With love, from the heart of New Zealand. 

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Indoors-out Photoshoot

Stay tuned for more of the Indoors Out Photo-shoot, where we've taken home decor into the outdoors to show where the inspiration of the country-rustic decor styling comes from. These photos were shot by our excellent photographer Cherise in the beautiful backdrop of Raurimu, in New Zealand's King Country. You can find the very cool Iron "Don't let yesterday" Plaque here.

You can find our Stag collection here.

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The Majestic Stag

The days are getting shorter, and the weather cooler as we transition from Summer to Autumn. April marks the begining of "The Roar", the most popular time for deer hunting.This is when the stags are most vocal, calling to attract the attention of mates and to protect their territory. Symbolic animals are becoming a popular way for people to personalise and bring a touch of the wilderness into their living space, and you don't have to be into hunting to appreciate that the deer is a beautiful creature! (it might even help with your appreciation)

The stag has been making quite a mark in currently trending home decor, it has featured heavily in country and rustic style design, and it's not hard to understand why. A creature that stunning was made to be admired. Traditionally, hunters have decorated their homes with mounted trophy stags, but not everyone who loves nature and the outdoors is a hunter! Taxidermy is great for some, but if taxidermy makes you a little squirmy, we've got some amazing modern pieces that you can incorporate into your decor to get the look.

This black stag head with silver antlers is the perfect modern twist on the mounted trophy stag.


If you love deer as much as we do, you will love these modern pieces.
Check out the collection here.
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From the Heart of New Zealand

You may have seen our new Facebook cover photo prior to this, you may not have. I thought it might be good to share what we mean when we say "from the heart of New Zealand" and how the cover photo fits in.

We are situated in Taumarunui, in the centre of the North Island, and that photo is the view from my back porch every evening in Summer. So when we say "from the heart of New Zealand" we mean it, and our surroundings here inspire most of the things we do. Situated between two rivers, with views to Mount Ruapehu in the distance, and rolling green hills all around, there are few areas with such a lovely rural outlook.

We love country influences, from Stags, to Geese, to vintage and distressed trays and drawers. We are very keen on the rustic, perhaps because of the "Old Trunk Line" and the history of the area. Quirky pieces strike a note here as well: we live in a wonderful town whose heyday may have passed, but there's a certain pride and sense of humour that comes from being the last of the pioneers.

We love that our area is so beautiful, in such different ways, at different times of day. That's why we are big advocates of light, airy spaces during our wonderful summer days, and even bigger fans of candles, from pillars to tea-lights to set the tone and mood of these warm summer nights. Most of all, being surrounded by such beauty outside inspires us to seek the simple, subtle textures and colours that give shape to a well thought out interior. Though there's always a place for the bright and bold too!

As we move into Autumn our surroundings are about to change once again, and we look forward to taking inspiration from the changing landscape, treescape and evening skies that the cooler weather promises to bring.

Top pick for getting that country vibe into your living spaces? It's simple this time, we've added a lot of great new items to our Kerridge collection. Kerridge is a wonderful vendor situated in Levin (just a few hours from here).

With Love,

From the Heart of New Zealand.


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3 Simple Things to Spruce Up Your Living Room (without a major renovation)

Most of us would love to have the budget, time and energy to totally revamp our living rooms from time to time. They are often the room we spend most time in, they're where we entertain guests and they can really make or break our moods and mindsets.

While it would be nice to have the capacity to knock it down and start again (maybe expose some brick for an industrial look or open and redefine the boundaries of the space) it's not always possible and certainly not an easy endeavour. This is especially true if all you want to do is get in on one of the interior design trends that you are a fan of.

With that in mind here are the 3 simplest things you can do to invigorate your living room for another season:

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Christmas Sign-off

The Season's Greetings to you!

What a wonderful year it has been! As we wind down to Christmas and the long summer days beyond, we'd like to thank you for your support this year, and wish you a safe and happy holiday period!

Friday was the last day for guaranteed delivery before Christmas, but we are open over the holiday period and any orders will be sent on the first available courier, so waiting times shouldn't be too long and your order should be there in any plenty of time for your dining and entertaining needs. (Please bear with us if the courier is a little bit slow after Christmas, I think we all may be!)

We have some exciting new updates to the website coming early in the new year: we're moving to a much more user friendly mobile website which will be great for getting a sneaky browse in at work or on the go. We've also got heaps of new products that will launch in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out.

So have a very Merry Christmas and a delightful New Year, and we'll see you at Tizzy Home and Gift soon!


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Summer Season

There is a very exciting time ahead for most of us, as we come out of the winter grind and into the long hot days of Summer. It can be a challenging time for your home decor, finding a balance between the great kiwi summer and traditional Christmas ware.

But as long as you're all ready for outdoor entertaining, you can't really go wrong. By now you probably have some Mason jars or colourful glasses for beverages, probably even some candy striped straws to boot - but there is another thing to consider, a drinks dispenser to step your summer entertaining up a notch over the neighbours.

And because we love to keep you up to date, there are several choices on offer:

The first one we have a timelessly stylish and clever glass dispenser, which is stackable for more refreshing choices. The other two are very much in style here and now, with the rustic jar approach on a galvanised or wooden base. The wooden one comes with a set of four masons with lids for a very reasonable price.

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Trending Now

What's on trend at the moment? Mason jars are a big hit currently - whether for actual practical applications or for all kinds of creative decorative styling. There are several products that will help you get in on this - The 100th Anniversary Blue Mason Jar from Ball is an excellent start for crafting your own decor pieces - make a candle holder, a light (if you're techy enough) or serve your favourite party drinks in it. 

Better yet for the latter is this Preston Glass Mason Jar with a handle - sure to be the talk of the next get together at yours.

Some inspiration from the blogosphere for Mason Jars:


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Facebook Page

Just a quick post to let you know that our Facebook page is up and running. Be sure to like and follow it, that way you'll be first to get discount codes and special offers. 


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