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Our Top 5 Scully's Products


Scully's New Zealand made products are just divine.

1. Foot and Leg Cream

You can use this cream before and after Sport, Gardening and general Hard work.it easily absorbs to help sooth sore feet and leg muscles while also deodorizing with its fresh peppermint scent.

2. Lavender Sachets

You may be thinking this is something your grandma would do and yes it is, so you know its 'tried and true". The Benefits of keeping lavender sachets in your draws not only keeps them smelling good but also keeps those nasty moths away from eating your woollen clothes.

3.Gardeners Hand Cream

Scully's states on the packaging "Helps soften and nourish dry skin. Use before and after gardening  and outdoor pursuits" Your outdoor pursuit maybe drinking wine in the sun or chasing toy boys. Whatever you pursue soft healthy hands are a must. Always have Scully's Gardeners Hand Cream at the ready.

4.Lemon & Lavender Soap

Who would have thought Lemons would be essential for another reason in your kitchen other than G&T's. Lemon and Lavender Soap is long lasting and has the ability to clean the grotty ickys on your hands from everyday life without stripping your hands of its natural oils

5. Furniture Wax

Everyone is experiencing the big craze of Chalk Paint furniture at the moment (if not get with program honey) and we all have inherited some sort of antique furniture that needs a bit more TLC than others. With a hint of Lavender in the natural New Zealand beeswax Scully's Furniture Polish brightens and protects but also scents.

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