Poo Pourri

  • $19.50

Poo-Pourri is the before you go toilet spray that's taking the world by storm. Take a second to watch the video and see why:

Simply spray 3-5 times onto the surface of the water before you go, and a protective barrier of essential oils forms on the surface of the water to keep the smell in, and release a bouquet of lovely aromas. If you are wondering if this product really works check out it's reviews on Amazon Poo Pourri Reviews.

The new scents we now have available are:
Lavender Vanilla - a comforting blend of lavender, vanilla and citrus essential oils
Vanilla Mint - a refreshing blend of vanilla, mint and citrus (so fresh your breath will be jealous!)
Tropical Hibiscus - a sweet mix of hibiscus, apricot and citrus scents (perfect for all beach bums!)


And the old favourites:

Royal Flush - a blend of eucalyptus and spearmint natural essential oils

Original Citrus - The most popular scent! An uplifting blend of lemon, bergamot and lemongrass natural essential oils.

Try yours today with a 2oz / 59ml bottle (100 use).

Shipping on Poo-pourri is free within New Zealand, and we don't think you'll find a better price from any other New Zealand based store. If you find it cheaper somewhere else, let us know here and we'll see what we can do for you and your poo!