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Large Black Pillar Candle in Vanilla & Rosewater 100 mm


We have run out of stock for this item.

Brand new black pillar candles with the Notre Vie quality long burn times. Made with a gorgeous vanilla and rosewater fragrance.

Why Notre Vie Candles?

Candle making since 1999. Makers of quality candle pillars and designer wax pieces that will not be found or created elsewhere. Since we are known as 'The Candle People' we have collaborated with many organisations on bespoke projects.

Proudly hand poured in New Zealand, each candle is carefully measured per gram utilising the purist of materials. Six specifically blended waxes are designed to ensure a brighter whiter flame using ingredients that are a renewable resource. Incorporating natural vegetable oils provides the creamiest opaque colour, Olive Oil provides the richness of the flame and beeswax concludes the aromatic senses. Our long lasting candles have always been seen as the finest of the 'New Zealand Made' candle market.