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From the Heart of New Zealand

You may have seen our new Facebook cover photo prior to this, you may not have. I thought it might be good to share what we mean when we say "from the heart of New Zealand" and how the cover photo fits in.

We are situated in Taumarunui, in the centre of the North Island, and that photo is the view from my back porch every evening in Summer. So when we say "from the heart of New Zealand" we mean it, and our surroundings here inspire most of the things we do. Situated between two rivers, with views to Mount Ruapehu in the distance, and rolling green hills all around, there are few areas with such a lovely rural outlook.

We love country influences, from Stags, to Geese, to vintage and distressed trays and drawers. We are very keen on the rustic, perhaps because of the "Old Trunk Line" and the history of the area. Quirky pieces strike a note here as well: we live in a wonderful town whose heyday may have passed, but there's a certain pride and sense of humour that comes from being the last of the pioneers.

We love that our area is so beautiful, in such different ways, at different times of day. That's why we are big advocates of light, airy spaces during our wonderful summer days, and even bigger fans of candles, from pillars to tea-lights to set the tone and mood of these warm summer nights. Most of all, being surrounded by such beauty outside inspires us to seek the simple, subtle textures and colours that give shape to a well thought out interior. Though there's always a place for the bright and bold too!

As we move into Autumn our surroundings are about to change once again, and we look forward to taking inspiration from the changing landscape, treescape and evening skies that the cooler weather promises to bring.

Top pick for getting that country vibe into your living spaces? It's simple this time, we've added a lot of great new items to our Kerridge collection. Kerridge is a wonderful vendor situated in Levin (just a few hours from here).

With Love,

From the Heart of New Zealand.


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