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3 Simple Things to Spruce Up Your Living Room (without a major renovation)

Most of us would love to have the budget, time and energy to totally revamp our living rooms from time to time. They are often the room we spend most time in, they're where we entertain guests and they can really make or break our moods and mindsets.

While it would be nice to have the capacity to knock it down and start again (maybe expose some brick for an industrial look or open and redefine the boundaries of the space) it's not always possible and certainly not an easy endeavour. This is especially true if all you want to do is get in on one of the interior design trends that you are a fan of.

With that in mind here are the 3 simplest things you can do to invigorate your living room for another season:

1. Cushions - unless you are very very new-age or alternative, your living room probably contains a couch. It may be of humble origins - a hand me down from your parents or bargain you picked up years ago at a big box store, but a couch is really the hero of your lounge. Luckily, you don't need to rush out and buy a new, expensive, trendy couch to make a change, your couch is the hero because it is usually the largest canvas in your lounge to start painting your interior design masterpiece! A set or a mix-and-match of cushions and a nice throw can really work wonders for the drabbest of couches. The key? Try a statement cushion paired with two matching cushions of a contrasting colour - they can be as bright and bold or as understated as you like, but there is no doubt that a new set of cushions can be a lifeline for your living room. 

Trend Hints: Get a cushion featuring a stag in the mix (related article). If your living room has a lot of blue tones you could go nautical (ropes and all) or go old-school and get a vintage print.

Some couches can't be saved... for everything else, there's:

2. Throws - again, keeping in mind that your couch is the unsung hero here, it makes sense to get a quality throw to add warmth and colour to the picture. Paired with contrasting or matching cushions you can't go wrong. These acrylic-boucle yarn throws have been extremely popular lately, and it's easy to see why. They are very soft and inviting, and come in a large range of colours sure to make the perfect match for your couch and cushions.

3. Ornaments - if you have some surface space in your living area, getting in on a decor trend is as simple as picking up the right ornaments that make a statement or that you simply love. It's particularly easy to get in on the vintage/country trend with roosters, animals or the right distressed vintage tray (which can double perfectly as a way to disguise your clutter or store odds and ends).

So there you have it, 3 simple ways to spruce up your living room. Give one or two a try, we'd love to hear/see how you got on!

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