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Indoors Out Country Photoshoot

The concept for this photo shoot was simple: explore how the beauty of the outdoors can inspire the style for New Zealand interiors. The home decor items in this shoot vary widely, but none are out of place in this wonderful country backdrop, just as all of them can complement your interior spaces and help you bring the outdoors in. The setting is in wonderful Raurimu, a stone's throw away from the mountains and adventure of Mt Ruapehu and the Tongariro National Park, and just down the road from us here in Taumarunui.

So take a fresh look and see for yourself just how country, vintage and rustic you'd like your spaces to be. 

(Wonderful photography by our very own Cherise)


"Don't Let Yesterday" Iron Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/dont-let-yesterday-iron-plaque

Gold Ear Porcelain Rabbit http://tizzy.co.nz/products/gold-ear-porcelain-rabbit


Iron Hourglass http://tizzy.co.nz/products/iron-hourglass

Kensington Station Roman Numerals Clock http://tizzy.co.nz/products/kensington-station-roman-numerals-clock


Paris Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/paris-iron-pail

56 Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/56-iron-pail

24 Iron Pail http://tizzy.co.nz/products/24-iron-pail


"Hard Work" Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/hardwork-plaque


Cincinatti Designer Metal Rooster http://tizzy.co.nz/products/cincinatti-designer-rooster

Fluer De Lis Rooster http://tizzy.co.nz/products/fleur-de-lis-rooster


Fishermans Basket http://tizzy.co.nz/products/fishermans-basket

Collezione Alpaca and Fine Merino Throw http://tizzy.co.nz/products/alpaca-and-fine-merino-throw

Belt Leather Carry Strap http://tizzy.co.nz/products/belt-leather-carry-strap

Willow Picnic Basket http://tizzy.co.nz/products/willow-picnic-basket-with-cooler-liner


"Love You To The Moon" Iron Plaque http://tizzy.co.nz/products/love-you-to-the-moon-iron-plaque


Rooster Tea Towel http://tizzy.co.nz/products/rooster-tea-towel


Kerridge Cow Tea Towel http://tizzy.co.nz/products/cow-tea-towel


With love, from the heart of New Zealand. 

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